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A girl power entrepreneur has a passion and a purpose. She didn't want to settle for spending her days building someone else's empire at her “job” so she bravely stepped out and followed her dream of starting her own business.

She's driven by a passion to improve the lives of the clients she's meant to serve. Each morning she can't wait to share her unique brilliance and her talents with these clients. She has a genuine, heart-felt connection them. Nothing makes her happier than hearing about their successes.

Does that sound like you?  If so then you are absolutely in the right place!

Here's what I know about you…

You want nothing more than to succeed in this business, to make a bigger impact both for your clients and for your family. Sometimes though, you wonder if you have what it takes to succeed. You've attended webinars, read books, registered for courses all in the name of building your business and yet you still don't have as many clients as you'd like to have.

I know you, because I've been you and I'm here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you! There is a good chance that those marketing strategies you've been implementing are more of a hard-core, masculine approach to marketing and if you are like most female entrepreneurs I know, that's not in alignment with who YOU are.

You aren't just looking for the next sale or for just any client; you are looking for the right fit client that you can't wait to work with. The one who will love working with you and recommend you and your products or services to all of her friends.

It's the connection you are looking for; the relationship.

That's what you'll find here. Proven connection based marketing™ strategies for female entrepreneurs.



You don’t have to do this alone! If you’ve ever wished for someone who has “been there, done that” to roll up their sleeves and walk you through the “exactly how” of growing your business, then maybe it’s time we work together.


One-to-one strategy sessions are among my favorite things I do with my clients. Whether it’s 2 hours on the phone or a full day in person we’ll dive deep into the actionable strategy you can use to multiply your business quickly.


Join me and up to 8 Girl Power Entrepreneurs for a day of masterminding and planning for the future of your business,  Spend the day masterminding and go home with the next steps you need to reach your big goals.


Learn at your own pace and focus on the marketing strategies you need most right now. Get immediate access to these onine programs and courses. Refer back to them as often as you need to as you implement them.


Connect with other Girl Power Entrpreneurs and find marketing education, support, and accountability inside the Marketing Girls Club Community.  You’ll find your “business BFFs” there to cheer you on to success!


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“Just one strategy increased my list by 75%!”

“Words can’t begin to express how happy I am to have connected with Lori Hardegree. With help from her on just ONE marketing strategy my list size increased by over 75%. Lori gets marketing and she has a gift for breaking it down into an easy to understand and implement process. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to put her strategies to work in my business..”

Jen Levitz

Mindset Coach,


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