Content Marketing. It’s one of the least expensive and still most effective way of marketing your business online, yet it’s one so many entrepreneurs resist.

It feels intimidating to have to commit to writing new, original content on a regular basis. I get it. I completely understand how that feels and I’ve fallen victim to avoid it too, BUT I also know that generating regular content that is helpful and interesting to your ideal clients is one of the best ways to grow your business.

Bottom line…if you want to be found and noticed online, you’ve got to be creating some awesome content.

Here’s the good news, it doesn’t always have to be blogging. Content marketing can mean regularly creating great video content, info-graphics, a podcast where you interview other experts or authorities or even a micro-blogging option like Tumblr. You can also do a mix of these or, my favorite, create one and re-purpose your content through all of the others as well!

Here are my top 5 reasons why you need to be investing your time into content marketing…

If you want to be found online, content is the key!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “content is king,” right? It’s widely used but the reason for that is that it is absolutely true in many different ways!

Writing blog posts that answer some of your client’s top questions is the best strategy for having them find you online. Think about what they may be typing in to Google and answer those questions.

The secret that goes along with that is that when you are regularly and consistently publishing new content, Google sees that you are keeping things current and fresh and you get a boost in the search engine rankings. That’s right, consistent content is a great way to help ALL of your articles get more reach online and isn’t that what you want? More people finding you online.

Showcase your expertise…

The idea here is to “show what you know.” You’ve got a TON of valuable insights to share with your ideal clients. Take the time to sit down and write a few articles sharing that knowledge with others. The resistance I usually get when I suggest this is “but shouldn’t my advice and tips be saved only for my active clients?” If you’ve found yourself asking that same question, the answer is no. When you share your advice freely you are showing clients that you are the go-to resource for your niche. Everyone wants to work with the expert, right?

That brings me to my next point.

Establish yourself as an expert…

Publishing content online firmly establishes you as an expert. When a potential client Googles something about your niche area and your name shows up 3 or 4 times with different blog posts, you will instantly be seen as the expert. In just about every profession out there, experts make more money. Your service fee will be accepted more readily when the client sees you as an expert. Your value increases to them immediately.

Remember that people do business with those they know, like and trust. Content marketing gives your potential clients a way to get to know you. The fact that you are showing up as an expert makes them that much more likely to trust you!

Help weed out those cheap clients…

We’ve all had those super cheap clients who are looking for the least expensive option. The ones who don’t value you expertise. That’s what it boils down to, isn’t it? When you are publishing your advice on your website or blog, the ones who don’t value your expertise will just use that info and try to wing it it on their own…and that’s OK! You didn’t want them as a client anyway, right?

The clients who do value your expertise are going to read your content and think to themselves ‘WOW! If the stuff she shares for free is this good, imagine what she does for her clients!”They will see the content as sort of a sample of what working with you will be like and they will want more! After all, isn’t the most valuable advice we have the part that is personalized for the client and their particular itinerary?

Build your platform…

It’s not just clients who will notice your expert status. Other industry leaders will take notice of the authority you are building online. If you are looking to be tapped as an influential thought leader and invited to those VIP events, exclusive summits, networking opportunities and even profitable partnerships, being recognized as an online expert for your niche is the one of the best ways to be added to the guest list!

Having a strong online presence and being viewed as an expert will make forming joint venture partnerships a lot easier. Whether it’s a marketing partner or a pied piper, you bring more to the table when you’ve got a great platform behind you. You’ll have the upper hand in those conversations and will find getting the “yes” will happen more and more often!

Generating helpful, authentic, high-quality content that speaks to your ideal client is one of the best ways to build and reinforce your brand.  In my opinion, it’s one of the best tools in your marketing toolbox.

Have you tried content marketing? If so, I’d love to hear in the comments what tips you would have for an entrepreneur just getting started with it!

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