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I learned a lot from Lori during our Strategy Session. She gave me some new ideas about how to find the right people to target based on my specialties. She also walked me through some tips and tricks to make my Ads more effective.

After our call I posted an ad and within a few hours I had an inquiry from a potential client about booking 10 couples for an all-inclusive trip.

I would tell any others that are trying to figure out Facebook Marketing to take the time to schedule a consulting call with Lori. She will guide you through the process and make Facebook Ads so much simpler and financially rewarding.

Amy Windham

Travel Professional, Four Courners Travel

Words can’t begin to express how happy I am to have connected with Lori Hardegree. With help from her on just ONE Facebook ad my list size increased by over 75%.

Lori is now my go to expert for Online Traffic. She consistently gets more eyes on (and into) the sales funnels of not only my business but for my clients as well.

Because she understands the entire funnel, I know that when I work with Lori and tell her to “just do it” that together will see at least a 10x ROI on the projects we do together. (And usually it’s more… even with the cost of running the ad.)

I’m proud to call her my Facebook Ninja and highly recommend working with her 1-on-1 to amplify your business results.

Jen Levitz

Mindset Coach,

Lori’s Facebook has given me real insight on how to find when my audience is on FB, what they like to see and more importantly what they don’t want to see in their timelines. Learning how to breakdown the insights on FB is very valuable to begin my new FB ad campaign. I have already noticed an increase in likes and opt-ins. Thanks Lori for all your help “ninja tips” and inspiration!

Jessica Dempsey

Luxury Travel Specialist, Cruise Planners

“I crossed six figures without noticing…”

Annemieke Tissink

I worked with Annemeike as part of the Boldheart Business growth program (formerly known as the Client Attraction Business School). I am both a coach/mentor and a member of Boldheart.

“Every time we get on a call I come out of it a different person…”

Alionka Polanco

I worked with Alionka as part of the Boldheart Business growth program. I am both a coach/mentor and a member of the Boldheart program.

In my first month of working with Lori I sold $68,000 worth of travel during what is typically a slow month just by implementing one new strategy. She helped me to identify where I was leaving money on the table and gave me a simple and easy strategy to capture those clients. During my second month working with her I started charging a planning fee to every client. I’ve spent years saying my clients wouldn’t pay a fee but using Lori’s closing the sale and service fee scripts I was surprised at how easy it was. Now instead of working harder to get more small fish, I’m working smarter to get fewer big fish clients and making more money in the process.

Kelly T.

Travel Professional

Before working with Lori my marketing was inconsistent at best.  I was throwing spaghetti at the walls. I told her I didn’t have a big marketing budget and I was hesitant to spend too much in online marketing. She helped me to create a simple and easy to manage marketing plan that is designed to work with my natural strengths. Other coaches in the travel industry tried to push me towards online stuff but Lori understood how I work best and as a result I’ve more than doubled the number of referrals I receive in my business. She helped me to create systems for my marketing so I can stay on top of it without feeling overwhelmed. 

Carole P.

Family Travel Specialist

“My vortex continues… was just nominated in the Top 5 finalist for Mompreneur Award Canada for women making a difference in the lives of others. Encompasses lots of PR and Media interviews. Potential cash award of $5000. Overjoyed and so grateful!!”

I work with Jacqueline as part of the Boldheart Business Growth Program. I am both a coach/mentor and a member of Boldheart.

Jacqueline De'Ath

Homeworks, Etc.




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