When most entrepreneurs think about marketing, they think about the type of marketing that converts a lead to client….it’s almost more of a SALES process rather than a marketing process. If that’s how you’ve been thinking about marketing, you are missing out.

There are actually THREE different types of marketing and if you are not doing all 3, you are not going to get the best results in your business.

When I speak with entrepreneurs who tell me that their marketing isn’t working, or that they aren’t achieving the results they want in their business, I always ask them what they’ve been doing for their marketing. It’s not uncommon to find that they’ve only been doing one type of marketing…and quite often that’s the reason their sales are falling flat or they don’t have a steady stream of new potential clients in the pipeline at all times.

So what are the 3 types of marketing? I like to call them CAPTURE, CAPTIVATE AND CONVERT.

Are Your Potential Clients Putting You in the Friend Zone?



In the Capture phase, you are attracting new leads. You need to CAPTURE their attention…and ultimately their contact information so you can continue to market to them in the coming weeks, months and years.

This is the phase where they get to know you. They may discover your brand on social media or through a blog post but most of the time they will be new to you. They won’t have worked with you or purchased from you before.


Once you have them on your list, in your Facebook group, as a social media follower or any other way you use to create your community then you can begin the CAPTIVATE phase.

In the CAPTIVATE phase you want to wow them with your knowledge, expertise, experience and yes, your warmth and of course your winning personality too. This is the part of marketing where they come to like you.

We’ve all heard a thousand times that people do business with, and refer business to, those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, right? Well if you do the captivate phase correctly they move from like to love and they see you as an expert so they trust you.

The captivate phase is where you engage them. It’s where you nurture them. You are at the same time letting them get to know you as a brand as an individual (*assuming that you are the “face” of your brand) and to respect you as a proven expert.

If you are inconsistent in the captivate phase you run the risk of being “friend zoned” by your potential clients. You haven’t shown up consistently to allow them to get to know you and in being inconsistent, you haven’t earned their trust.

When you nurture them consistently with valuable content, and your message is on point during all of those interactions, they will feel an established relationship with you. That’s where the TRUST part comes in.


Then it’s time to bring on the CONVERT phase. It’s the marketing equivalent of taking that relationship to the next level.

You’ve proven your expertise and formed a connection with them, now you need to put an offer in front of them that shows them you have a solution to their problem…you become the answer to a prayer.

What happens when you don’t do all 3 types of marketing?

Some entrepreneurs leave out the capture phase and they are out there trying to connect with a nurture people who aren’t really a part of their community. That can feel a bit like oversharing. They may stumble upon one of your videos or a blog post but if you haven’t given them a way to take the first step in joining your community…such as an email opt in… then you were just a kind stranger passing by on the internet. They likely won’t find their way back.

Others don’t want to do the nurture thing. They want to skip right to the sale. If you try to move directly from capture to convert you come off as sleazy, pushy and sometimes a little creepy…it’s that “I don’t even know you yet, how can you be asking me to buy from you” feeling. No one wants that.

And if you never move to the convert phase, you never make an offer for them to buy…well you are basically keeping them in the friend zone! Don’t play hard to get with potential clients. You’ve got to put the ask out there if you want to make a sale. Don’t expect them to chase you. You’ve got potential solutions that can help them…let them know!

Are you doing all 3?

Take a look at the marketing you’ve done over the last few months. Have you been covering all 3 types of marketing? If not, which have you been leaving out and how do you intend to start covering all your bases?

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the webinar I did last week on How to Reverse Engineer Your Marketing Calendar for More Consistent Income, we covered a bit of this. You can check out the recording at ElegantlySimpleMarketingCalendar.com…I’ll even take you behind the scenes and show you my own marketing calendar and give you the template I and my clients work with to create a plan for




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