“I tried Facebook ads but it wasn’t worth it.” I hear that all the time. Most of the time the person I’m talking to is right, they didn’t work, but that’s not because ads never work, it’s because they were using them wrong!

Fortunately, learning to write Facebook ads that work doesn’t have to be difficult!

Like every other type of marketing, you need to put some planning in to your Facebook ad strategy or it’s destined to underperform. Here are 3 things you need to have thought out before you even click that nice little green “create ad” button:

  • What do you want to happen when people click on the ad? What do you want them to do? (like your page, read an article on your blog, sign up for your email list, watch a video, set an appointment to call you etc.)
  • Exactly who is it you are inviting to this little ad party of yours? Or sometimes it’s more important to think about who doesn’t make it past that velvet rope!
  • What’s the plan for after they click on the ad? (hint: this is the one most people don’t put enough thought in to!)

Facebook Ads that Work. What’s the Secret?

There are lots of things you can accomplish with Facebook ads. There are the obvious things like growing your online platform (otherwise known as “getting more fans”), driving traffic to your web site, inviting people to an event and of course bringing attention to a product or service you have to sell. But it doesn’t stop there. You can move people through different steps of your sales process (or sales funnel), remind them to complete a sale they started but then never completed (SQUIRREL!), “sort” them based on a specific behavior or interest and all sorts of other “ninja tricks.”

No matter what type of marketing you are doing, you should always have ONE clear objective that you want to accomplish – just one clear call to action.

You don’t want to waste your marketing budget displaying your ads to the wrong people, do you? Facebook offers some of the most powerful targeting options available on any paid advertising platform but most people are still not zeroing in their targeting as tightly as they should.

Knowing your ideal client’s interests is key in targeting your ads. Think about things they do in their spare time, hobbies they have, magazines they read, thought leaders they may follow, web sites they visit. Chances are you can use all of these things to create your target audience. It’s important to think outside the box of just your niche and consider the other things they have an interest in.

The place where most people mess up is failing to think about what happens after someone clicks on the ad. No matter what your objective is, your best chance of getting someone to become a loyal client or follower is right after they’ve engaged with your ad. If it’s a like ad, what are you going to do on your page to get them engaged right away? If you are sending them to your web site, what page are they going to (hint: it shouldn’t be your home page or a contact form)? What are you doing to get them to opt in or buy something once they get there? If the ad is for a free offer, what kind of follow up will you be doing?

Remember, this isn’t about you, it’s about your client and why they should want to work with you. Facebook ads that work the best are the ones that are completely focused on the client and the benefits they will receive from your product or service.

A big mistake a lot of people make in creating their ads is that they aren’t thinking like a client. Everything is about them and what they do when an effective ad is focused on your client and what they get out of working with you! Quite frankly, they don’t care about you…until you give them a reason to.

How do you know if your ads worked or not?

If you ran one ad expecting for people who don’t know you just to click and buy, of course you were disappointed in the results! Think of the sales process like dating. You’ve got to get to know each other. Your ad is where you buy them a cup of coffee or a drink and start seeing if you’ve got a connection; it’s not where you pop the question!

The best ads aren’t created in a vacuum; they are part of a complete strategy. First they click on the ad, then they get to know you, during that time you provide value and show off what it is that makes you awesome, then you ask them to take the next step and start working with you. (Ninja tip…you can use Facebook ads in some really cool and strategic “advanced marketing” ways to speed up this process!)

Have questions about creating Facebook ads that work? Ask them below in the comments! This is one of my favorite topics to work with clients on!

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