Are you one of the many entrepreneurs out there who tells yourself (and others!) “I’m just not a very good writer” whenever the topic of copywriting, blogging or sending sales emails to your list comes up?

If so… read on. This one’s for you! I’m going to give you my formula for writing copy that makes $ (even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer). It’s long, but I promise it’s worth it!

There’s a lot of confusion around copywriting. Many entrepreneurs are leery of it, mistakenly believing that copywriting is all about selling to customers in an obnoxious or unethical way. They think of times when they experienced high-pressure tactics or heard stories of scammers who disappear into the night after fleecing their buyers.

Others are hesitant just because they say “I’m not a very good writer.”

They can TALK, usually quite passionately, about their niche or their programs and services for hours without hesitation, but ask them to sit down and write it and they wave their hands in the air and say “no, no, no… I’m not a good writer.”

When used correctly, copywriting is a tool for serving your community and providing them with value. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell to your audience – after all, you’re running a business – but you can do it in a way that doesn’t feel slimy or unethical.

How to Write Copy that Makes $ (Even if You Hate Writing Anything)

Write Copy that Connects

Copywriting is about connecting with your audience. When there is a genuine connection and your community senses that you truly care, they’re happy to buy from you. In fact, they may even thank you for the opportunity to give you money for your programs and services!

Before you write a single word of copy, you need to slow down and consider who you’ll be targeting with your programs or services. Knowing your ideal client is the secret to writing copy that makes customers eager to buy from and promote your brand.

Once you know your ideal client, keep them in mind when you sit down to write any marketing copy at all. Picture one person… one ideal client who you loved working with (the one you wish you could clone and just work with 20 of her over and over again!) and write as if you were writing a note specifically to her.

Not for a group of people. Not for your entire audience. Write to her and her alone.

How to Create Copy Easily

Last fall I asked my community if they were planning on making a Black Friday offer to their list… and if not, why?

The overwhelming reason for why they weren’t doing it was that they were stumped when it came to writing all of the sales copy that needed to go into the super quick promotion.

Have you ever felt that way? If so, you’re definitely not alone!

Everyone knows list building is important because your list becomes the “warm audience” that is more likely to buy from you, right? But a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck when it comes to writing the sales emails to actually get people on their list to BUY.

The problem is that not writing copy, and not sending sales emails to your list, is costing you money. Because when you procrastinate on your copy, your sales page doesn’t go up. Your product doesn’t get released and worst of all, your audience never buys.

You know what that means, right… you don’t make the impact you want for your ideal clients.

Ouch, right?

And when you aren’t making an impact, you aren’t making income.

The good news is that copy doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be fun to create if you relax and enjoy the process.

The best copy starts with a goal, so start by thinking about what you want your customer to do. If you’re trying to sell a product, you want your customer to hit the buy button.

If you’re trying to sell your services, you want your clients to schedule their first session with you. If you’re doing something else like publishing content to social media, then your goal might simply be to get engagement on the post.

Once you have a goal in mind, close your eyes and envision yourself as a customer. Think about the journey they’re taking. Consider their biggest fears about buying from you and turn them into a list. For example, if you are a music teacher who wants to enroll more students in your private studio, you know that parents of kids may worry that their child won’t be able to focus during the lessons or they may be concerned their kid won’t be good with an instrument.

Next, consider the journey for your customer as each step unfolds. For example, imagine your customer listening to his child master the basic chords, then enjoying the moment as his kid plays a song through for the first time.

You may also want to think about setbacks that your customer might experience. Like convincing his kid to watch the first lesson or encouraging her child to play even though she’s struggling with a complex song.

Now imagine how life will look for your customer once they achieve their goal. For example, a parent might envision their child excelling at a public performance or graduating from a prestigious university with honors. (If you’ve been following me for a while, or you know me well, you know where this example is coming from… my oldest son is preparing for his audition for a prestigious music conservatory right now… #proudmom).

Write down what this looks like. You’ll use this information as the opening of your copy. It should describe what life will look like when your customer has used your product or service.

From there, tackle their fears. Use the list from before and counter their objections one by one. For example, if one of the objections was “my child won’t be able to focus on the lessons”, you’ll mention that each lesson is short and streamlined. You’ll share that the instructor has an engaging style and has taught hundreds of kids how to play your instrument.

Next, you’ll talk about the journey that the customer will take. You’ll mention the highlights as well as a few setbacks. Then you’ll point out the journey could take much longer without an established leader to guide them.

At this point, you’ll mention your product again and showcase the most important features. Finally, present your community with the buy button and let them make the decision to work with you.

Don’t Get Stuck on the Sales Copy

When I describe this process to entrepreneurs, most of them are pretty good with everything up to presenting their program or service.

In other words, they are good with describing the experience and the results their clients can get, but they freeze up when it comes to the “sales stuff.”

That’s where all of the “I don’t want to be pushy” or “this feels really salesey” stuff starts to come up.

So here’s where some tough love comes in… I call BS. Yep. I said it.

You’ve got to get over that. Remember that selling is serving.

Sure it can be slimy and sleazy but that happens when you are selling something just for the sake of making some money. When you are selling something that the client both WANTS and NEEDS, and when you KNOW what you are offering can actually make a difference for them… that’s not sleazy. That’s not slimy.

That’s serving. That’s helping. That can actually be an answer to their prayers!

One of the suggestions I always give my clients is that when they are stuck on something, look to others who are doing things successfully and model what they are doing.

Not copy. Model.

What does that look like for copywriting? It’s called a swipe file and pretty much every savvy and successful entrepreneur I have one has one!

A swipe file is just a file of examples that made you say “damn that’s good!” It’s links to sales pages you love, copies of emails that captured your attention and made you click through to learn more.

A swipe file is basically a big pile of inspiration. When you need to write copy for yourself, pull out those resources and start modeling.

Let me be clear here… I am not suggesting that you copy someone’s sales page or email word for word. That’s not cool. As a matter of fact, it’s not legal and it can get you into hot water. I’m talking about using it as inspiration and borrowing the framework and the concept.

Make sense?

Find a Good Script or Template

An even easier option is to just find a good script or template.

Scripts and templates are different from a swipe file in that you usually have full permission to use it word for word exactly as it is written, or to change it up if you want to.

Templates allow you to get your sales copy written quickly and easily without that nagging “but I’m not a good writer” thing happening.

I like to think of them as the antidote to overthinking! Just copy, paste, edit, refine and hit send. Couldn’t be easier!

Can you tell I love a good template? In fact, I love them enough that I started putting together a library of them to share with my clients. I realized recently that I had over 750 templates in my “vault” and WOW what a resource it had become!

I decided that I was going to make that resource available to you and it’s coming VERY soon (I mean very VERY soon.. hint hint).

I’ve got sales emails, launch copy, sales page copy, calls to action, price justification copy, emails to handle those “awkward situations” (like needing to fire a client gracefully), emails to handle the “money stuff” with your clients, blog post templates, content marketing templates and more. They are all done-for-you and are fill-in-the-blank type resources.

Sound like something you might be interested in?

Before I release it to the world publicly, I want to open it up to a handful of people to check it out and make sure everything is easy to understand and working properly. If you’d like an invite to check it out during our upcoming sneak-a-peek launch, all you need to do is CLICK HERE and I’ll automatically add you to the VIP invite list.

There’s no obligation to buy, you’ll just get an advance notice invite before I open it up to anyone else, plus you’ll get a significant discount (we’re talking less than $100 for over 750 templates… but only to people on the VIP list!).

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who is leaving money on the table by avoiding copywriting or not sending sales emails to your list, then you (quite literally) can’t afford to miss this! One of my clients described these templates as like having a copywriter in her pocket. Here’s a screenshot of her actual email to me. The subject made me laugh (I edited it a bit to make it “safe for work”, but you get the idea…)

Your Email Templates are Sexy AF


Seriously… just go ahead and click here and add yourself to the VIP list, OK



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