I’m sure you’ve heard the advice that as an entrepreneur it’s important to “know your numbers,” right? Most of the time people are talking about your financials but one other number it’s good to track is your closing ratio. Out of all of your sales conversations in a given week/month, what percentage do you close? For most of us, no matter what “your number” is, the answer to the question “would you like to close more sales?” would be a resounding YES.

What if I told you that there are 2 magic questions you can ask at the start of any sales conversation that can significantly increase your chance of closing the sale?

Curious? How ’bout if I add in that these 2 simple questions have a few other benefits too…they can also help you quickly identify those “tire kickers” who are just looking for free information but will never actually book with you AND the answer to these questions can dramatically improve your future marketing efforts?

Seriously. These 2 simple questions are that important!

So what are they? I posted the video below on my Facebook page with these tips. I got so many messages about it that I thought I would share it here (along with more info and details following the video!).

Are you asking these 2 questions in some form?

They can be direct or indirect but getting the answers to “what prompted you to call me now?” and “may I ask what it was that made you feel like I may be the right person to help?” Can make a big change in your business.

Why is that exactly? Think about what happens when you ask “why now?” Chances are good that your prospect will tell you exactly what “pain point” they’ve bumped up against recently (or maybe it’s that they’ve bumped up against it far too often lately!) that made them say “that’s it. No more. I’ve got to do something about this.”

They are telling you what they WANT to get out of working with you. That puts the focus on this issue, concern or situation for them. They get into that “right now” frame of mind before you even start presenting your solution.

Now think about asking “why me?” They are sitting there reminded of why they decided they need help right now and your next question focuses them back on to why they felt like you were the right person to give them that help. That’s powerful…for both of you.

Hearing the answers to these questions is beneficial for both of you. You want to grow your business and sign on more clients, but you want to make sure they are the right clients. The ones you can really help and make a difference for. The ones who really value your experience and expertise.

Chances are good that the answers to these questions will let you know if this is a “good fit” client for you…and if you are really and truly a good fit for them as well. It will also make it super easy to identify those less than ideal folks who are just looking to “pick your brain” but will never actually invest in working with you.

Assuming that you are a perfect match, you now know exactly what your talking points should be as you present your offer. You know what results to highlight first and how to show them that you hold the solution to their problem.

The benefit doesn’t just stop there. Take good notes both on the pain points you are hearing about as well as what people are saying drew them to you. I’m willing to bet there will be a few of each that you hear over and over – and that, my friend, is marketing gold! Knowing and understanding these 2 things will make your future marketing efforts much easier…and much more effective!

Are you asking these magic questions in your sales conversations? If not, do you plan to start? I’d love to know what your favorite insightful questions are to ask your prospective clients! Share them in the comments below!


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