Social media gets a lot of buzz as a marketing tool, but it may not be the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Many entrepreneurs wonder what place email marketing holds in a noisy social media world. Some may even question if they still need email marketing, but there are many reasons that point to why you should still be looking to email as your primary digital tool for business.

Here are 8 reasons why email is still tops…

It’s a numbers game.

More people have email accounts than they do social media accounts, and more people still purchase through email than they do through social media messages. Plus, the truth is that social networks are still limiting your ability to get to your audience even when they have liked your page. That’s because you don’t own your list of “fans… the networks actually do and that’s part of why you often need to pay to increase your visibility there.

Email Is More Personal

People pay more attention when they see their name. The love to see something specifically addressed to them. Email gives you the personalization options that social media simply can’t (at least for now!). When you send a social media message it is going out to all audience members with no personalization, which can make them feel rather generic. Even when you send a bulk email, you still have the ability to personalize it for each recipient.

It’s More Businesslike

With social media you have to contend with cat videos and baby laughing videos, but with email messages your audience has signed up to receive your business transactional emails and are expecting to get promotions. That makes email much more businesslike than social media, even LinkedIn, can dream of being.

Email Gets More Attention

People are much more likely to open and engage with a personalized email message than they are to engage with your social media marketing campaigns. That’s why social media marketing should be use to create engagement so you can move the to your email list rather than being used to promote products directly. If you were at a party, would you pitch a potential client there? NO… but you would gage interest and invite them to a conversation later.

People Expect Your Email

Everyone has signed up to receive your email. They’ve given their permission for you to send them marketing messages and are expecting to receive them. In fact, if you don’t send them often enough, they may get frustrated that they haven’t heard from you and forget about you.

They Agree to Receive Your Email

Your audience has agreed to receive your email messages, which is a big thing. When someone “likes” your social media page they actually aren’t necissarily expecting promotions to appear on their wall, but when they sign up to get your email messages they are expecting to get promotions, sales, and information about your products and services.

They Will Receive Your Email

If you join a reputable email marketing system or service, your email messages have over a 99 percent chance of getting into your customer’s inbox, whereas reports are showing that less than 10 percent of your social media followers or “likes” are seeing your messages.

Email Is Easier to Track

As of right now, most email autoresponder services offer better analytics than what is available for free for most social media platforms. You’ll be able to measure your metrics better so that you’ll know whether your goals are being met or not. And in many cases, you can see who actually opened the email and trigger some additional emails based on that action. (I’ve yet to see who has seen my posts on social media until they reacted in some way.)

So in terms of online marketing, it’s clear that if content is king, email marketing must be queen. No person serious about their business should give up on email marketing in favor of social media marketing exclusively. In my opinion, social media marketing is just too limited, it’s not personal enough, and reaching your audience is still not as much of a sure of a thing like it is with email marketing. However, when you consciously pair social media marketing with email marketing… you have powerful combination that not only increases your sales, but also serves your tribe.

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