In today's video I want to talk to you about the #1 reason people aren't buying your product or service...and 3 things you can do to change that. 

The main reason people aren't buying probably isn't what you think it is. Check out the video to learn more...​


Today, I want to talk to you about the number one thing in your business that is robbing you of sales, where you are leaving money on the table without even realizing it.

If I asked you, what do you think is happening when people land on your sales page or your work-with-me page and they don’t take any action? They don’t buy; they don’t schedule a call. What do you think is happening?

When I speak to most of my clients about this and I ask them, they tell me that there’s two main reasons that they think people aren’t buying. The first is that they’re choosing a different program or service altogether. They’re going with the competition, and the second is price.

I am here to tell you it is neither one of those.

It is not that they’re landing on your sales page and thinking it’s too expensive, and it is not that they’re landing on your sales page and deciding to go buy something else.

The number one reason that you are not making more sales from your sales page is indecision.

They’re watching the countdown timer go down on your page and hit zero, and the offer go away without making a decision one way or the other. They’re just flat out choosing to not choose, and that is the number one job of your sales page is to coach them through the indecision, to coach them to a decision.

The decision could be yes or no. “Yes, I’ll work with you.” “No, I won’t.” The good thing is they’ve made a decision. If you let them sit in indecision, you are doing your potential clients a disservice and you are leaving money on the table in your business. Now,

I know you don’t want to do that, so I have three suggestions for you of how you can actually, using the copy on your sales page, coach people through this indecision.

Are you ready?

The Don’t Recognize Themselves in the “Before”

Your sales page should paint a very clear picture for them of what it’s like on pain island where they are now that you clearly understand where they are in the before and that you clearly understand what’s possible for them over on pleasure island and that they can see themselves in both places.

When they can do that and you can very clearly connect with them, then they can see your program or service as the boat that can move them from pain island to pleasure island.

But if they don’t recognize themselves in the before that you’ve talked about, they’re not going to self-select as someone who’s going to go ahead and book that call or make that purchase with you.

They Don’t Have Confidence in the “After”

They don’t see the possibility that you’re selling as something that’s realistic for them.

One of my favorite places to visit when I’ve traveled with business is London, and every time I talk about this with clients, I think about the signs on the Tube in London that say, “Mind the Gap.”

That’s what you have to do right here. The “gap” between their biggest frustration and their biggest desire has to be something they believe can be closed.If the “gap” is too big they will stay stuck in indecision.

Your program or service may take 12 months to get them through the transformation that you’re going to work with them on, and that’s okay, but the problem is that where they are all the way over on pain island, if they don’t feel like the pleasure island description that you have is an actual possibility for them, they’re going to stay stuck in indecision.

The number one way that you can combat this is to make sure that you give them a way to get a quick win.

Think about this. We’ve had these hurricanes that have passed through, right? For someone who has lost power and they’re waiting for the power to be turned on, their kids are driving them nuts because they can’t charge their devices and everything. Sure, you can sell the possible solution of repairing the power grid, but that’s something that’s going to take a while for them to learn to do that.

What’s the quick win that you can get that’s going to make them say, “Yes, I have to have that, and I need that right away?”For them, the quick win might just be a power charger that can charge their kids’ devices five to seven times in one battery charge. Or it might be a generator that can get them to have minimal power in their house quickly.

Do you understand what I’m saying here - to look for where you can get them a quick win?

A quick win is something that makes them move out of indecision because they want that quick win in addition to the big transformation that you’re selling overall.

You Haven’t Made the Decision Feel Safe

There are two reasons for this, and I want you to think about both of them as you’re writing the copy on your sales page and creating the promises that you deliver with your program.

The first is that they might not very clearly understand what exactly it is that you’re selling, and I’m not talking about the transformation. I’m talking about the actual program.

If you’ve described your program in terms like “virtual intensive,” what does that mean? What happens after I click “purchase?” After I give you my credit card, what happens next?

Do I get an email course? Do I have to attend something live? Will there be a recording? How much access do I have to it?

Make sure that they understand in the description of your program exactly what’s going to happen next. “After I click ‘purchase,’ what’s the next thing that happens? What can I expect immediately from that?”

When they understand exactly what it is they’re going to get, it removes doubt.

The second thing that you can do to help make the decision feel safe is to really consider what you’re going to offer in terms of your guarantee.

I know a lot of people who want to just say, “Oh, all sales are final,” and if it’s a product download, it’s easy to understand why you want to say, “All sales are final,” but that doesn’t make the decision feel safe.

If your product is a $47 mini course, not such a big deal if it’s all sales are final, but if your product that you’re selling is a $2,000 full course, well, I’m not really wanting to invest $2,000 on a maybe that you’re going to deliver what you promised to deliver, so make it very clear what the terms are on your guarantee.

It is possible for you to make your guarantee safe for you and for them, depending on the restrictions that you place on it, but make sure that you’re very clear in explaining what type of guarantee you have and what the terms are for it.

If you have made it very clear for them to see themselves in the before and in the after, and to have that gap between the before and the after feel something that is achievable for them, and they feel like you understand their pain before, and that you understand how to get them to the pleasure of the after, that’s going to go a long way. Then, when you add that with making the decision feel safe, you now have a rather compelling sales page.

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